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Our Agents

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Buy a Home

Buying a home is exciting yet, often times, it is complex. Our Buyer specialist can save you time, money, and stress.

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Sell a Home

Every home seller wants one thing. The best possible deal with the least amount of hassle. 

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View Properties

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Dec 8, 2023

Your Homebuying Adventure [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some HighlightsHere are the key milestones you’ll encounter on your path to homeownership. From building your team, to house hunting, all the way to moving into your new home – it’s an exciting adventure.Your journey starts here. Connect with a local real...

Dec 7, 2023

Why You Need To Use a Real Estate Agent When You Buy a Home

If you’ve recently decided you’re ready to become a homeowner, chances are you’re trying to figure out what to do first. It can feel a bit overwhelming to know where to start, but the good news is you don’t have to navigate all of that alone.When it comes to buying...

Dec 6, 2023

How To Turn Homeownership into a Side Hustle

Does the rising cost of just about everything these days make your dream of owning your own home feel less within reach? According to Bankrate, many people are seeking additional income through side hustles, possibly to cope with those increasing expenses and save...

Dec 5, 2023

When You Sell Your House, Where Do You Plan To Go?

If you’re thinking about selling your house, you may have heard the supply of homes for sale is still low, and that means your house should stand out to buyers who are craving more options. But you may also be wondering, once you sell, how does the current supply...

Dec 4, 2023

Experts Project Home Prices Will Rise over the Next 5 Years

Even with so much data showing home prices are actually rising in most of the country, there are still a lot of people who worry there will be another price crash in the immediate future. In fact, a recent survey from Fannie Mae shows that 23% of consumers think...

Nov 30, 2023

Is Owning a Home Still the American Dream for Younger Buyers?

Everyone has their own idea of the American Dream, and it's different for each person. But, in a recent survey by Bankrate, people were asked about the achievements they believe represent the American Dream the most. The answers show that owning a home still claims...

Nov 29, 2023

Why the Economy Won’t Tank the Housing Market

If you’re worried about a coming recession, you’re not alone. Over the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of recession talk. And many people worry, if we do have one, it would cause the unemployment rate to skyrocket. Some even fear that a spike in...

Nov 28, 2023

Are The Top 3 Housing Market Questions on Your Mind?

When it comes to what’s happening in the housing market, there’s a lot of confusion going around right now. You may hear one thing in conversation with your friends, see something totally different on the news, and read something on social media that contradicts...

Nov 27, 2023

Is Wall Street Buying Up All the Homes in America?

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you may find yourself interested in the latest real estate headlines so you can have a pulse on all of the things that could impact your decision. If that’s the case, you’ve probably heard mention of investors, and wondered...

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